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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Criminal Defense / What Charges Can I Face for Road Rage in Fort Myers?

What Charges Can I Face for Road Rage in Fort Myers?


Traffic incidents can easily spiral out of control. Most people commute for hours each week, experiencing infuriating near misses along the way. At a certain point, even the calmest drivers will snap. At this point, you may engage in various acts that fall under the general category of “road rage.” But road rage is not a crime in Florida. What specific offenses could you face if you lose control of your emotions behind the wheel? More importantly, how can a Fort Myers defense attorney help?

A Clear Example of Road Rage in Fort Myers

 A recent incident in the Fort Myers area illustrates just how serious road rage can become. According to NBC News, a man lost his cool after being cut off by another driver in Fort Myers Beach – subsequently committing a number of criminal offenses. After being cut off, the enraged individual rammed the other driver’s boat trailer. Fearing for his safety, the victimized driver fled the scene.

But this incident was far from over. Unsatisfied with merely ramming the other vehicle, the aggressor chased the victim for approximately one mile down Estero Boulevard. At this point, the pursued driver felt he had no other choice but to call 9-11. Pulling over, he phoned the police and waited for help to arrive. It was at this point that the enraged driver took things to the next level.

Boxing the terrified driver in, this individual exited his vehicle and started punching the other truck with his fist. He left several dents before proceeding to the passenger side. Opening the door, he pushed the victim’s wife aside and tried to strike the driver. Somehow the woman was able to extricate the aggressor from inside their vehicle. Once again, both victims attempted to flee without putting up a further fight.

Racing back into his vehicle, the enraged driver rammed the fleeing truck before they could escape. Thankfully, police then arrived at the scene and took the suspect into custody. This defendant subsequently faced numerous charges – including battery, burglary of a conveyance, and property damage. This incident illustrates just how serious roads can become.

What’s the Worst Possible Charge Related to Road Rage? 

The worst possible road rage-related offense is probably homicide. Seeing as how quickly these incidents can spiral out of control, this is more common than many people realize. If you intentionally ram someone with your vehicle and cause fatal injuries, courts will view this in almost exactly the same way as assault with a firearm.

Clear Your Name with Help From Fort Myers Defense Attorney 

Most road rage incidents stem from simple misunderstandings. To pursue positive results after facing criminal charges, it is crucial to tell your side of the story. A criminal defense attorney in Fort Myers can represent you in court and push back against excessive consequences. Various acts of road rage may be illegal, but penalties are far from guaranteed. Book a consultation with Foley & Wilson to determine the most appropriate course of action.




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