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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Drug Crimes / Alleged Fort Myers Drug Traffickers Arrested in “Operation Miller Time”

Alleged Fort Myers Drug Traffickers Arrested in “Operation Miller Time”


In April of 2024, NBC News reported that nine alleged drug dealers in Fort Myers had been arrested in a multi-agency crackdown dubbed “Operation Miller Time.” These individuals are facing serious prison time, and the authorities are celebrating this as a major victory in the so-called “War on Drugs.” However, it is important to recognize that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in Florida. With effective legal representation from Fort Myers drug trafficking defense lawyers, these defendants could potentially escape conviction or drastically reduce their sentences.

Cash, Drugs, and Weapons Uncovered in Fort Myers by NETFORCE 

In April of 2024, investigators announced the discovery and seizure of various drugs, cash, and weapons from suspected drug traffickers. This included about $60,000 in cash, 90 grams of fentanyl, 69 grams of MDMA, 4 kilos of cocaine, 375 grams of marijuana, and two AR-style firearms.

Authorities investigated nine suspects in connection with these seizures, although only one person has been accused of “stashing” the drugs in two separate residences. This individual reportedly faces “many charges,” including drug trafficking conspiracy. NBC News noted that all nine defendants are facing potential prison sentences.

It is worth noting that although the drug quantities meet trafficking thresholds, they are still relatively low. Aside from the cocaine, the other quantities are relatively “small-time” as far drug trafficking is concerned. Seizing 375 grams of marijuana can hardly be described as a “victory” in the War on Drugs. The DEA states that you only face a five-year sentence if caught with 100,000 grams of marijuana. The 69 grams of MDMA also represents a very small quantity, and the most serious penalties are reserved for those trafficking hundreds of grams of this substance. Even the seized cash suggests a very small operation, as $60,000 is hardly enough to classify these defendants as major drug traffickers.

In addition, the authorities did not reveal whether the seized firearms were legally obtained. There was also no information about whether these firearms had been unlawfully modified, or if they were fully automatic. Based on the media reports, it could be that these firearms were average, store-bought weapons purchased with valid licenses.

It is not clear why the media is hailing this crackdown as a major achievement. WINK News stated that it involved “lots” of marijuana, despite the low quantity. State Attorney Amira Fox described the seizure as “a very large amount of narcotics.” Although four kilos might sound like a large amount of cocaine, one has to put it in perspective. Within a single year, Customs and Border Protection alone seizes over 4,000 pounds of cocaine in Florida – equivalent to almost 2,000 kilos.

Get Help from an Experienced Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer in Fort Myers 

Over the years, Foley & Wilson has helped numerous defendants fight drug trafficking charges in Fort Myers. Having previously served as an FBI Special Agent and State prosecutor, Robert Foley approaches drug charges with unique insights. Remember, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Book a consultation today to get started with a carefully planned defense strategy.




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