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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Domestic Violence/Battery / Domestic violence affects the entire family

Domestic violence affects the entire family

Violence in any form is horrible but imagine if you fear the person you love. Domestic violence is when the victim and the accused are family members or people living in the same home. They may even be sleeping in the same bed.

More than any other type of violence, domestic violence has the largest impact on a family because it not only criminalizes a person, but it changes integral relationships between spouses or a parent and a child. It completely alters the entire perspective of the home.

Consequences of domestic violence

In Florida, domestic violence can range from a misdemeanor assault to a first-degree felony. The penalties the court decides on will depend on the severity of the conviction. The threat of violence alone carries a 60-day jail sentence, while felony convictions can result in a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Although the legal implications are severe, domestic violence can permanently destroy a family in other more scarring ways. Here we see the more human consequences of domestic violence:

  • The accused may have to leave the home
  • The court may prohibit the accused from ever entering the home
  • The victim may have full custody of the children
  • The accused may never see their children again
  • The accused may lose the love and trust of the family
  • The family can suffer major psychological, emotional and physical trauma

If someone you love accused you of domestic violence, this may be the time to really consider your options because your family may never see you the same way again.

Ask yourself why you are facing such accusations

These charges can leave you asking a lot of questions. You may want to reconsider a lot about your relationship. However, your primary concern right now should be finding an attorney to protect your rights.

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