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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Domestic Violence/Battery / Can I make a self-defense claim against battery charges?

Can I make a self-defense claim against battery charges?

Petty fights or arguments can quickly escalate, resulting in physical harm and battery charges. Still, a person does not need to sustain injuries to make this accusation.

A physical act can qualify as a battery charge if:

  • The intent to cause harm existed.
  • The accused physically touched or hit the other person without consent.

These charges can result in hefty penalties based on the damage’s severity. However, some situations might have gotten physical to prevent grave injuries or even death. In these instances, you can claim self-defense, depending on the circumstances.

Proving self-defense

Self-defense is commonly used against battery charges because of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. This policy justifies the use of force in specific situations. However, your claim is only relevant if it meets the following elements:

  • You did nothing to incite or provoke the fight.
  • You had reason to believe that you faced imminent danger.
  • Using force was your only option to defend yourself.
  • The force you used was appropriate to match the threat you faced.

Claiming self-defense can lead to an intense examination of what happened. The court would need to understand if your actions were reasonable based on the situation.

Other situations that justify the use of force

Even the smallest detail of the incident is crucial to paint a clear picture of what happened. A self-defense claim could also be relevant if you acted to protect someone else from getting severely injured.

However, you would not need to make a self-defense claim if the brawl happened within your property. The Stand Your Ground law gives you the right to defend your home against imminent danger or other people who entered by force.

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