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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Sex Crimes / Florida “Underage Sex Sting” Ensnares Pro Athlete

Florida “Underage Sex Sting” Ensnares Pro Athlete


Soliciting sex is a serious offense in and of itself, but the penalties are much more severe if you solicit sex from a minor in Fort Myers. A recent “underage sex sting” in Florida has ensnared many defendants – including former pro athletes. If you face accusations of this nature, it makes sense to work with an experienced sex crime defense lawyer to clear your name.

Former Major League Pitcher Caught Up in Underage Sex Sting 

In May of 2024, numerous media sources reported that a former Red Sox pitcher had been arrested for sex crimes in Florida. This former pro athlete had been accused of soliciting sex from a minor – along with 27 other individuals facing similar charges. His attorney immediately announced plans to plead not guilty.

Based on the reports, it seems as though this defendant unwittingly communicated with a federal agent pretending to be an underage girl. The defendant expressed his desire to begin a sexual relationship with the minor – even though he was allegedly aware of the fictional child’s age. The underage agent told the former pro baseball player that they were a 14-year-old girl.

Eventually, the undercover agent arranged a meeting with the defendant. When the defendant arrived to meet the fictional 14-year-old, he was surrounded by law enforcement officers and taken into custody. The former pitcher was then charged with four felonies, including “using a computer to solicit a child.”

Homeland Security Creates Task Force to Crack Down on Human Trafficking 

This story comes about one year after Homeland Security formally announced a human trafficking task force in their Fort Myers office. The Southwest Florida Inter-Agency Child Exploitation and Person Trafficking Task Force has helped authorities arrest scores of defendants on charges of child exploitation, sex trafficking, and prostitution. Numerous departments and organizations are participating in this task force, including local police, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Secret Service.

Is Posing as a Child Online Entrapment in Florida?

 Generally speaking, Florida courts are extremely reluctant to allow an entrapment defense when it comes to online child luring cases. While critics argue that prosecuting people for “theoretical crimes” is inherently wrong (and potentially unconstitutional), criminal courts have a history of turning a blind eye to these criticisms. It is therefore necessary to consider alternative, imaginative defense strategies alongside experienced lawyers in Fort Myers.

Find an Experienced Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Fort Myers 

The Foley & Wilson Law Firm has spent years defending those wrongly accused of sex crimes. If you were caught up in the recent underage sex sting, it’s time to get started with a defense strategy right away. The consequences of this offense can be life-altering – but you’re not alone in the legal battle ahead. Reach out to our Fort Myers sex crimes lawyers today to discuss your options in more detail.




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