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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Criminal Defense / Mail-Order Drugs: How Bad Can It Get in Florida?

Mail-Order Drugs: How Bad Can It Get in Florida?


These days, Florida residents can shop online for almost anything they can imagine – including controlled substances. But while online shopping for illegal drugs may seem like a tempting prospect, Fort Myers residents should also consider the potential risks. Whether you’re the sender or receiver, engaging in these kinds of cross-border drug deals can result in serious federal charges.

Florida Man Gets 13 Years in Prison for Receiving Meth via U.S. Mail 

On February 12th of 2024, Florida Daily reported that a man from Tallahassee had been sentenced to 13 years in prison after pleading guilty to numerous drug and firearms charges. U.S. Attorney Jason R. Coody stated that the defendant started receiving meth via the U.S. Postal Service after being released from prison in 2022. The drugs were shipped from Arizona, and law enforcement eventually intercepted the parcels. After intercepting numerous parcels headed for the defendant’s home, investigators executed a search warrant and found more drugs at the residence.

When a drug transaction crosses state lines, it becomes a federal offense. This is becoming a common occurrence throughout the nation, and many defendants have no idea that they are committing federal crimes. New “dark web” sites make it very easy to sell drugs online, and a federal crime occurs whenever one of these sellers ships the product into another state. Keep in mind that federal agencies – including the USPS – are now well aware of these mail-order schemes. As such, they employ advanced methods to identify drug parcels – including K9 units and scanning technology.

Defenses to Mail-Order Drug Charges

 There are numerous potential defense strategies that may apply to mail-order drug charges. For example, you might never have consented to having the mail sent to your residence in the first place. It might have been sent to the wrong address, or perhaps you played the role of an unwitting drug mule. A drug buyer – perhaps a neighbor – might have sent the drugs to your home in order to avoid suspicion.

They may have waited patiently for the mail truck to arrive each day before checking your porch for the parcel. When the day finally arrived, the DEA and various federal agencies might have arrested you the moment you picked up the parcel – despite you not having any idea what was going on. In any case, the evidence may have been illegally obtained – and it might be inadmissible in court. Speak with your lawyer for more specific information on applicable defense strategies.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Federal Drug Crime Lawyer in Fort Myers 

If you’re facing federal drug charges for mail-order meth, consider reaching out to a qualified Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer at your earliest convenience. These crimes can be much more serious than drug deals within Florida, and the crossing of state lines may lead to heightened, federal penalties. With our help, you can discuss potential defense strategies and approach this situation with confidence. Reach out to Foley & Wilson today to get started.



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