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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Burglary, Theft & Vandalism / Police Hunt for Beer Thieves in Fort Myers

Police Hunt for Beer Thieves in Fort Myers


Theft of alcohol is relatively common in Fort Myers. Each year, numerous reports highlight incidents involving the theft of beer, wine, and liquor across the city. In some cases, the value of the stolen alcohol is worth thousands of dollars. A recent case involves the theft of beer, and these alleged thieves are currently being pursued by local police. What are the consequences of alcohol theft in Fort Myers, and how can you defend yourself if accused of this offense?

Two Unnamed Individuals Accused of Stealing More than $700 Worth of Beer 

On January 23rd of 2024, it was reported that police in Fort Myers were searching for two individuals who had allegedly stolen more than $700 worth of beer. The pair apparently stole a cooler filled with beer from a bar downtown – making off with the items at about 2 AM on Sunday. Police say that they are seeking assistance from the public in identifying the two individuals. As of right now, it seems that they only have a few grainy surveillance images to work with.

If the value of stolen items exceeds $750, defendants can face grand theft charges in Florida. The penalties for this offense include a prison sentence of up to five years, and it is considered a felony. These two individuals seem to have just barely avoided consequences for grand theft, as the total value of the beer was apparently just $700. Assuming this value is correct, the individuals would face petit theft charges if caught. This offense still involves serious penalties, however – including a jail sentence of up to one year. Petit theft is a misdemeanor of the first degree in Florida.

Can Police Use Surveillance Footage to Convict Me of Theft? 

While surveillance footage may be helpful in tracking down alleged suspects, it is not a completely reliable source of evidence. The images in the aforementioned media reports are very grainy, and one might argue that the resolution is too poor to conclusively identify suspects.

If surveillance footage is the only evidence that the prosecution can present in a criminal case, a defense lawyer could call its reliability into question. Defendants often struggle with issues of mistaken identity, especially when footage is extremely grainy or difficult to make out. Ultimately, surveillance footage only represents one potential form of supporting evidence – and it should be used in connection with other evidence to secure a conviction. This other evidence might include eyewitness testimony, distinctive clothing, and so on.

 Find a Qualified, Experienced Theft Defense Lawyers 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced theft defense lawyer in Fort Myers, look no further than Foley & Wilson. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants pursue positive outcomes – including those accused of theft. Whether you stole alcohol, toys, clothes, or any other items, you have the right to enlist the help of an experienced defense attorney. Book your consultation today and take full advantage of this important right.




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