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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / DUI / Can You Get a DUI for Driving Any Vehicle in Fort Myers?

Can You Get a DUI for Driving Any Vehicle in Fort Myers?


Many people in Fort Myers may not realize that DUI laws apply to virtually all types of vehicles – and not just normal passenger cars. It is possible to get a DUI while driving virtually any vehicle imaginable. As long as you are operating on the road, you cannot be intoxicated. This is something that many residents have discovered only after being charged with DUIs. Fortunately, it is possible to fight DUI charges in Fort Myers regardless of what type of vehicle you were driving at the time of your alleged offense.

Golf Carts 

It is possible to face DUI charges for operating a golf cart while intoxicated in Fort Myers. There was at least one such arrest in 2023, and Fort Myers also witnessed a shocking incident regarding small children that year. It goes without saying that the local authorities take golf carts very seriously in the modern era – especially as a higher number of residents move toward these vehicles in favor of passenger cars.

With all that said, the potential for golf carts to cause damage and injury is much lower compared to a traditional passenger vehicle. While two cars colliding can cause critical injuries or death, a golf cart operator almost always experiences worse injuries when colliding with a traditional motorist. This means that the potential for a DUI causing injury (one of the worst DUI offenses) is relatively low for intoxicated golf cart operators.


It is certainly possible to face a DUI while operating an e-bike in Fort Myers. Like golf carts, these electric vehicles have seen widespread adoption throughout Florida within the past few years. Many e-bike enthusiasts assume that because licenses are not required, this also means that DUI laws do not apply. However, this is not the case – and an e-bike is treated in the same manner as a traditional passenger vehicle for the purposes of DUIs. E-bikes are also capable of reaching serious speeds that surpass golf carts. Often, e-bike operators ride on the sidewalk – and pedestrian collisions can be fatal in some cases. This can lead to extremely serious DUI charges.


Even if your bicycle is not powered by an electric motor, you can still face DUI charges for riding while intoxicated. At first, it might seem like riding your bike home after a night of drinking is the most responsible course of action. While it is certainly more responsible than getting behind the wheel, the truth is that you might face DUI charges anyway. That being said, the chances of a police officer noticing a drunk cyclist and taking action are relatively low – especially compared to drunk drivers.

Find a Qualified, Experienced DUI Defense Attorney in Fort Myers 

If you are searching for a qualified DUI defense attorney in Fort Myers, look no further than Foley & Wilson. We know that it can seem surprising to face DUIs after operating certain vehicles – especially bicycles or scooters. While it’s important to take these charges seriously regardless of the vehicle, there is no need to accept needlessly excessive consequences for your actions. Book a consultation today to determine the most appropriate defense strategy based on your unique circumstances.




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