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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Criminal Defense / What should you know about bail and bond?

What should you know about bail and bond?

Someone who’s arrested will likely want to get out of jail as soon as possible so they can live their life while their court date is pending. This also gives them a chance to get started on a defense for the charges they’re facing.

Certain charges may have a bail amount set as part of the standard procedure. Others might require a court hearing to set the bail. In any case, it’s necessary to understand a few points.

What is bail?

Bail is a monetary amount that’s required as an assurance that the defendant will appear in court. People can pay cash or property to meet the bail amount. If the defendant is at all hearings, they will have this returned to them after the final hearing for their case.

What is bond?

In some cases, people don’t have the money or property to cover the entire bail amount. They may turn to a bail bondsman to help them get released. Typically, this involves paying 10% of the bail amount to the bondsman. Defendants won’t have this returned to them after the final hearing because it’s retained by the bondsman for their service.

What is being released on your own recognizance?

Some defendants are released on their own recognizance. This means they don’t have to put up any money or property to get out of jail.

Defendants should ensure they understand their rights and options. Working with someone familiar with cases like theirs can often help them to start working on their defense strategy so they can answer the charges in the way they feel is best.

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