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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Domestic Violence/Battery / Facing an Injunction in Florida? Here’s How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Facing an Injunction in Florida? Here’s How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Thousands of women and men fall victim to domestic violence. They are often physically attacked and abused by someone they love, care about, and would have never expected to cause harm to them.

But sometimes, false accusations are made, resulting in permanent consequences for the wrongfully accused and jeopardizing the trust in honest and genuine victims.

Have you been accused of domestic violence?

Unfortunately, now that you are in this situation, you might not know what to do or who to turn to. You need a Florida domestic violence lawyer to talk to you about composing a defensive strategy.

Today, Foley & Wilson Law Firm goes over two of the different types of injunctions and the steps to take when facing them.

Temporary Restraining Order Defense

A temporary restraining order is a common obstacle a Florida domestic violence lawyer will be able to assist you in defending against. The purpose of obtaining this temporary order is to receive protection from an alleged offender for a limited span of time.

People will often get temporary restraining orders until they have the chance to get to court and potentially receive a permanent order that would require the accused to stay away from them for good. A Ft Myers domestic violence lawyer can go over the steps you need to take to prepare a proper defense, which may include going down to the police station to make a report of the violence that you were accused of perpetrating. You can also take photos of any injuries you might http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com have sustained, as oftentimes, alleged victims may only share select aspects of a story to suit their narrative.

Documenting your victimization, although difficult, is paramount in getting ahead of false accusations that could potentially result in criminal consequences.

Defense Against Permanent Injunctions

The permanent injunction order is a bit different. With the help of the Ft Myers domestic violence lawyer, you can acquire defense against a permanent domestic violence injunction in Florida. Much like the temporary restraining order, the intended purpose of a permanent injunction is to create a safer environment for domestic violence victims by protecting them from their attackers.

However, one-sided and faulty accusations can have permanent consequences for wrongfully accused individuals.

No matter the accusation, your reputation and freedom are on the line when faced with accusations of domestic violence. Thankfully, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ft. Myers can help restore your dignity and your reputation with an eager defensive strategy.

Accused of Domestic Violence? Foley & Wilson Law Firm Wants to Help

Have you been accused of domestic violence at the hands of someone you trusted and loved? If so, it’s time to prepare a defense. Luckily, Foley & Wilson Law Firm can help.

At Foley & Wilson Law Firm, we want to help you take action against any and all potentially criminal accusations to get you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Call us at 239-690-6080 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment with a qualified Ft. Myers defense attorney today.

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