Retired FBI Special Agent Robert Foley & Former Federal Prosecutor Desiree Wilson Have The Credentials And Experience You Need

Charged With A Crime? Your Defense Starts Here.

There are times in life when it is critical to hire the most experienced professional you can find because the stakes are simply too high to do otherwise. If you are facing serious criminal charges, now is the time to seek that help. You need an attorney – or a legal team – with a broad diversity of criminal law experience, many years in practice and considerable time spent in the courtroom.

This combination can be difficult to find, but that’s exactly what we offer at Foley & Wilson Law Firm. Our attorneys, Robert Foley and Desiree Wilson, utilize their diverse legal backgrounds and knowledge and collaborate on all cases to give our clients high-quality representation and personalized attention throughout the duration of their legal matter.

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Attorneys Who Know The Criminal Justice System, Inside And Out

Attorney Robert Foley spent 20 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, both as a special agent and as an attorney in the Office of General Counsel, Investigative Law Unit. He also served as a state prosecutor in Florida. He brings 28 years of criminal law experience to our firm. Mr. Foley is also fluent in Spanish, allowing our firm to serve a broader clientele.

Attorney Desiree Wilson is a former federal prosecutor and appellate attorney with 15 years of experience. She regularly provided guidance and legal training to special agents from numerous federal and state agencies, including the FBI.

Our attorneys can see cases from all sides because they have considerable personal experience as investigators, prosecutors and defense attorneys. They collaborate on all cases, and they are able to represent clients in both state and federal court.

Building A Defense Even Before Charges Are Filed

Our firm is exclusively focused on criminal defense work, but we don’t simply react after charges are filed. If contacted early enough, we can begin to protect your rights and interests while the case is still being investigated. Taking charge of your defense early maximizes your legal options and helps you avoid saying or doing something that could harm your case.

Get Started With A Free Initial Consultation

Foley & Wilson Law Firm has offices in Fort Myers and Naples, and we serve clients throughout Lee and Collier counties. From the moment you contact our firm, we can begin to discuss your objectives and options, whether that is reduction or dismissal of charges, avoiding jail time or taking advantage of diversion and pre-trial intervention programs. To schedule your free consultation with our experienced attorneys, call 239-984-9115 or submit an online contact form.