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Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer / Cape Coral Sex Crimes Lawyer

Cape Coral Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

In many ways, being convicted of a sex crime is far worse than being convicted of other crimes. In particular, a conviction for a sex crime can mean registration on Florida’s sex offender registry, a lifetime requirement that can keep you from finding a decent place to live and work and have any type of peaceful existence. Some people convicted of sex crimes never get out of jail, or when they do, they are immediately transferred to a Florida mental facility where they are involuntarily committed indefinitely.

Before any of that happens to you, get your best shot at a strong defense by contacting Foley & Wilson Law Firm. Our attorneys have over 45 years of experience in Florida criminal law, including working both as prosecutors and criminal defense counsel. We treat our clients with dignity and respect and recognize they are entitled to a robust defense under the law. Contact our experienced Cape Coral sex crimes defense lawyers today.

Don’t Let Embarrassing Criminal Charges Keep You From Fighting for Your Rights

Being charged with a sex crime can be a humiliating experience, and police officers and state attorneys can use that fact as leverage to pressure you into signing a statement or confession and pleading guilty to “get it over with.” But there is no such thing as getting over a sex crime conviction, and you could be facing a lifetime of humiliation by failing to fight the charges or at least negotiate a more favorable plea with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney advising and representing you. Remember that the prosecutor must be able to prove every element of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can’t, then you cannot and should not be convicted.

You have the right to force the state to prove their case, and you have the right to challenge their evidence at every turn and raise all viable defenses. As with any criminal offense, sex crime charges do have defenses. Some of these defenses commonly include:

  • Arguing that you have been mistakenly identified as the perpetrator of a crime
  • Demonstrating that the act was consensual
  • Showing how the police entrapped you into violating a law you otherwise would not have
  • Proving constitutional violations related to the arrest, search and seizure, interrogation, lineup, or other police procedures
  • Demonstrating a lack of intent to commit the alleged offense

At Foley & Wilson Law Firm, our attorneys will carefully examine the charges against you, the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case, and the viability of any defenses you may have. We’ll advise you on whether negotiating a plea or going to trial is in your best interest and represent you skillfully and vigorously whatever you decide.

Comprehensive Cape Coral Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Our team at Foley & Wilson Law Firm defends people charged with all manner of sex offenses in Cape Coral, including the following:

  • Child Pornography (Florida Statutes 847.001, 847.0135, 827.071): This act encompasses offenses like knowingly compiling, entering into, transmitting by use of a computer, and intentionally viewing child pornography. Violations under these statutes are treated as felonies of varying degrees, depending on the specific act and the offender’s age.
  • Indecent Exposure (Florida Statutes 800.03): This involves the exposure of sexual organs in public or on private premises in a vulgar or indecent manner. A first violation is a misdemeanor of the first degree, while subsequent violations are felonies of the third degree.
  • Lewd and Lascivious Molestation (Florida Statutes 800.04): This offense includes acts like touching a person under 16 years in a lewd or lascivious manner. The degree of the felony varies based on the offender’s age and the age of the victim, ranging from a life felony to a third-degree felony.
  • Sexual Battery (Florida Statutes 794.011): This statute defines various forms of sexual battery, AKA rape, including cases involving victims who are physically helpless, coerced, or mentally incapacitated. The severity of the charge ranges from capital felonies to first and second-degree felonies, depending on factors like the age of the victim and the use of physical force.
  • Solicitation of Prostitution (Florida Statutes 796.07): This section includes offenses related to owning and operating places for prostitution, soliciting prostitution, and related acts. Penalties range from misdemeanors of the second degree for a first violation to felonies for subsequent violations.
  • Traveling to Meet a Minor (Florida Statutes 847.0135): This crime involves traveling or attempting to travel for engaging in unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and is classified as a felony of the second degree.

Florida Registry for Sex Offenders and Predators

Literally dozens of sex offenses are listed in the law, and conviction for any one of them could land you on the Florida Sex Offender and Predator System, a public database that includes your name, address and picture and is publicly searchable by anyone with computer access. They could find you by name or by searching for registered offenders in their neighborhood, and they could make your life miserable by lawfully posting flyers in the neighborhood or handing them out door-to-door on your street.

Florida law also provides for involuntary civil commitment in cases of physical violence, where a minor is involved, or for people convicted as repeat sexual offenders. Sentencing under the Florida Sexual Predators Act means you could serve out a sentence in prison and then be transferred to a mental facility, where you could remain indefinitely. Advice and representation from a skilled criminal defense attorney are critical to avoid the worst consequences you may be facing.

Help Is Available for Sex Crime Charges in Cape Coral

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are no doubt serious, but that is not any reason to give up hope or place yourself at the mercy of the police and prosecutors. Rather, it is precisely the reason to get help from skilled and knowledgeable defense attorneys who can advise you of your options and work to get you the best outcome possible in your given circumstances. In Cape Coral, call Foley & Wilson Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the charges against you and how best to proceed.

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