Construction Law

Robert Foley Law advises clients on construction matters in southwest Florida. We represent a broad spectrum of parties in residential and commercial construction disputes including property owners, investors, general contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Our legal services model focuses on avoiding costly disputes and project delays. When disputes arise, we step in to protect your interests utilizing mediation, arbitration and traditional litigation before a court of law.


No matter what your role is in a construction contract, the best way to avoid costly and time consuming legal disputes is a properly written and executed construction contract. Many construction disputes arise from a weak contract. Robert Foley will provide sound legal guidance in the preparation of construction agreements to protect the client’s interests, clearly identifying the scope of work, price, change order implementation, draw schedules, phased inspection requirements, delivery parameters, etc. If you are already in the post contract stage, Robert Foley Law will assist you in addressing the issues with the objective of attaining the intended result.

Construction Litigation:

Poorly drafted and executed contracts, delays, defects and poor workmanship give rise to litigation. If you are a homeowner with an out-of-control new home construction project or a renovation project that escalates well beyond estimates, or any project that was abandoned before the work was done and after payment was made, Robert Foley Law is here to help.

You may be a general contractor held up by an owner’s refusal to pay, or you may have issues with a sub-contractor or supplier. Or, you may be a sub-contractor or supplier who is refused payment for goods or services rendered. Robert Foley Law can step in to protect your business. Regardless of your position in the contract, if you are facing losses despite your good-faith effort to perform on either side of the contract, you may need the services of a tough and skilled attorney. Robert Foley Law will work tirelessly to help resolve your issues and protect your rights.

Don’t Go It Alone:

Whether you’re paying for a construction project or service, or providing a project or service expecting to be paid, few owners, contractors or suppliers can absorb the economic losses caused by a failure of a party to the contract to meet its obligations. For example, few home owners know that even if you paid your general contractor to cover the costs of a product or service that a subcontractor provided, if your general contractor fails to pay that subcontractor, that subcontractor can place a lien on the property and demand payment from you, causing you, potentially, to pay twice for the same product or service. This can be avoided in a well-executed contract that requires a title search prior to each progress payment to the general contractor to ensure he or she paid the subcontractors, and there are no liens in place.

We Have You Covered

For legal advice and guidance in construction matters, contracts, mediation, arbitration or litigation, Robert Foley Law will zealously represent you and your interests.

You can also count on us for effective representation concerning compliance with site inspections, permitting, zoning compliance or environmental compliance.

Robert Foley Law has, at its immediate disposal, the resources of an in-house title company, a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and a licensed Florida General contractor as assets to be leveraged in representing you if so required.


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